May 19, 2024

Three Sightings Over Lincolnshire, UK

U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G Case report
Author; Nath Lockley
Sighting time/s and date/s: Late 1960s, early 1990s & around 2007
Location; One sighting near Coningsby Lincolnshire, 2 sightings near Boston Lincolnshire
Witness name/s; ‘Alison Hall’

In January 2022, I was contacted by a member of the U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G Facebook group to discuss 3 historic sightings over the Lincolnshire area. We discussed her sightings and she agreed for me to write up a case report covering her sightings but requested her real name be kept from the record as she would rather remain private. I will refer to her as ‘Alison Hall’.

Sighting details;

First Sighting: Between 1966 & 1968, over Coningsby Lincolnshire UK.

On a summer evening one day between 1966 and 1968, a ten-year-old Alison was visiting family friends with her parents. It was a cloudless evening after a hot day.

They were preparing to leave, standing on the drive saying their goodbyes, when Alison was bored of waiting for the adults to stop talking and looked up, spotting something strange in the sky. It appeared just above the horizon to the North as the sun was setting. She described it to me as being “a long orange shape with a slightly raised dome on the top and a relatively flat bottom”.

Alison pointed the object out to her parents and their friends and she estimated that the object was around 4 miles from their location and that it didn’t appear to move the whole time they watched it.

Her parents both brushed off the sighting, as Doctor Who was popular at the time and all the kids were getting into sci-fi and so her parents just chuckled and humoured her when she claimed it was a UFO, until it was later confirmed that they were not the only witnesses. Alison claimed the Boston Standard did an article on the sighting later that week.

Obviously, as this was a long time ago and as Alison was only 10 at the time, details may be a little hazy. With it also being the 60s, there were not as many cameras and so unfortunately there is no photographs or video.

I contacted The Boston Standard to see if they had any further information on the original article and they informed me that while they don’t hold any physical copies of past editions, the Boston Library has copies on microfilm. We will try to arrange a later date to find these.

Second sighting: Early 1990s, Near Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

Alison described another sighting she has had, this time in the early 1990s, this time over Boston. I asked her to walk me through exactly what she saw and this is what she had to say about the experience:

“Again it was a late summers evening at dusk. We live in a country lane and it was quiet, calm and had been a lovely day. I was walking a little way from our house calling the cat.  As I returned towards home in an easterly direction I  heard a loud swooshing sound. I assumed the USAF were flying late on exercises. In those days, early 1990’s their aircraft were quieter than ours now. Both frequently flew and still fly over this area. Looking up, I saw the back of a low flying silvery grey aircraft flying at high speed over the neighbour’s treetops towards the east and the North Sea which is about 5-10 miles away from the rear of our house across marshland.  The lights on it were either at the side or the rear were blue and red. There were two clusters as I recall. It was gone in an instant so it was difficult to process at the time as I’d assumed when I heard it it was one of the Americans’. Seconds later two airforce jets flew over in pursuit. This highlighted the difference in what I’d seen. There were no other witnesses.”

As there were frequent sightings of RAF jets in the area, this both suggests that this was just an unidentified military craft and that Alison would have recognised the craft if it was military as she saw more of them than the average person does. Since this was unfortunately a very quick glimpse of something moving very quickly, and as there were no other witnesses that have come forward since, it remains impossible to rule out a military craft.

Third Sighting: Around 2007, Near Boston, Lincolnshire, UK

Alison also recalled a third sighting near her home in Boston a few years after her previous sightings, this time around 2007. This is what she had to say about this experience:

“Around 5 pm on a winters evening maybe 15 years ago, I was looking out of the living room window across open farmland. Our property faces west towards the main road 3 miles away. I was looking for my husband coming home down our lane so I could put the kettle on. At some point across our panoramic view, the car lights on the main road can be picked up between the tree line. The weather was fine. As I looked out I became aware of a small golden globe travelling from North to South travelling at a distance of approximately 1-2 miles away. I would say at that distance it showed to me as being towards the tops of the tree line or just above. Meanwhile, my husband was driving home, again North to south, on the main road before reaching our turnoff to drive East. He looked to his left and saw the same object keeping pace with his car. Abruptly it sped off back towards the North. In daylight at that point, it is possible to look Eastward and see the trees in our garden.” 

This sighting was definitely different from the other two and I can say with certainty that this was no military craft (that we know of anyway). While investigating this sighting I came across numerous other similar sightings from all over the world including one in LA of two identical golden orbs floating motionless in the air, side by side and one in Sevastopol, Russia of a similar craft flying just above the water.

Two Golden Orbs seen over LA
Close up of the LA Golden Orbs

With Alison’s descriptions of the movements and speed of this object, we can also rule out things like metallic balloons and as it was 2007, drones also seem like a very unlikely explanation.

I will continue to investigate and try to find any further witnesses. 
If you were in the area during the dates and times mentioned in these sightings and believe you may have witnessed these objects, please get in touch with us via email: