July 22, 2024

Above Wadern, Germany

U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G case report
Author; Nath Lockley
Sighting time and date; 21/9/21 around 14:45 CET
Location; Flying from Greece to Manchester, at time of sighting approximately above Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, Wadern, Germany
Witness name/s; Joe Fulham & Jayne Fulham

Joe contacted me through the U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G Facebook group after seeing something strange through the window of the plane on his way back from a trip to Greece.

Sighting Details

In the afternoon of Tuesday 21st September 2021, Joe Fulham and his wife Jayne were travelling back from Zante to Manchester Airport. Around 2 hours into the flight, Joe looked out of the window to the right of the plane and spotted something strange in the clouds to the North East.

Joe recalled the object looking like an arrowhead pointing upwards from the cloud, but with a tail that appeared to “dissolve into black vapour”.

Joe’s wife Jayne also saw the object, saying: “What the f*ck is that?” and asking Joe if he could see it.

After a few seconds, it appeared to change its form to resemble an “elongated egg shape” and then proceeded to flip horizontally, at which point the object resembled a typical ‘saucer’ shape, before becoming elongated again with a visible vapour trail.

The object then either faded into the distance or just disappeared. As it was witnessed from a flight, the weather conditions were obviously clear other than the cloud cover below the plane. Joe told me he thinks the object was about a mile away from the plane.

Given the timings and by looking at the path of the flight, I estimated where the plane would have been. My calculations placed it around Saar-Hunsrück Nature Park, Wadern, Germany, but it could have been just over the border of Luxembourg.

This circle shows the estimated area of the plane during the sighting

Joe and his wife went home and around a week or so later they were looking through Youtube videos when they noticed a video that showed exactly what they saw. This video shows something that matches the description Joe gave, that was also spotted from a plane flying over the Aegean Sea. This sighting was also reported by the New York Post. This sighting also boasts more witnesses including the pilot of the passenger plane.

Here are some stills from the video in the new york post article. (some of which may have been cropped or edited by myself, the original video will be in the article linked at the end of the report)

Here is the link to the New York Post video:


Sighting analysis;

As you can see for yourselves, this sighting is very strange and not your average UFO sighting. Most of the usual natural/man-made misidentified objects can be ruled out due to the height of the sighting. Drones and lanterns would not be that high up and the description of what was seen doesn’t match either. The sighting in the video was from 2018 but also just happens to have been seen over the Aegean Sea.

The Aegean Sea just happens to be the sea between Greece and Turkey and Joe and Jayne were travelling back from Greece. Is this a coincidence, or proof there is something in the skies above Europe?

One natural explanation I couldn’t rule out would have to be some kind of rare weather phenomenon, so I have reached out to a weather and cloud expert for his opinion. I will update the report with his and my opinion if/when I get a reply. Until then, this one is definitely unexplained.