June 25, 2024

Owler Bar, Sheffield, UK

Owler bar road, Sheffield UK 24/5/21

U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G case report
Author; Nath Lockley
Sighting time and date; 24/5/21 4:37pm
Location; along Owler Bar Road, B6054, heading SE from Hathersage towards Chesterfield
Witness name/s; Lewis Stevens 

On the 25th May 2021 I contacted Lewis after he posted on Facebook that he had seen something he couldn’t explain and he wanted some help in finding some answers and/or just wanted to tell someone who wouldn’t ridicule him. We had a chat over Facebook messenger and I offered to do a case report for him, to which he agreed. 

Sighting details

On the afternoon of Monday 24th May 2021 Lewis was on his way home after working in the village of Hathersage, travelling towards his home in Chesterfield. The sky was getting dark as it was raining. At around 4:37pm, after driving for around 15 minutes, Lewis was travelling down the B6054, Owler Bar Road, heading SE.

Location and direction of travel
Google Earth view of the area Lewis saw the object

He was behind a queue of around 7 cars and there were also a few cars behind him. He described the road to me as being “one of the many country roads, a long straight road, nothing but fields, sheep and cows.” 

Suddenly the traffic in front of him came to a harsh stop and Lewis had to slam on his brakes. He sat there for a second confused, trying to figure out why all the cars had suddenly stopped. The next thing he saw was a bright light that looked almost like “a bolt of lightning had struck the ground no more than 80 meters away”. He then describes how the clouds opened up and a long tic tac shape object fell vertically from the sky. 

“It seemed slightly curved, almost the shape of a boomerang with jagged edges and I think some transparent material, almost like glass, protruding slightly from the object”. Lewis went on to describe the object as having a “solid black colour with a green glow appearing from vent like features on the side and the lights were pulsing like some sort of beacon.” 

A rough drawing of the object, by Lewis

He explained that when he looked back down to the road, all of the occupants of the cars in front were out of their cars watching this object in the sky. 

“The object was tilted slightly at an angle and there were no jets, engines, propellers or anything”. He went on to tell me that the object was stationary in the sky for about 3-4 seconds before it “turned and shot off like it was being pulled”. It was then that an older man came up to Lewis’ car and banged on his window, asking if he had also seen what had just happened. Lewis was so shocked and shaken up by what had just happened that he quickly took off his handbrake and drove around all the other cars and carried on his journey home. He also mentioned that he noticed that during the sighting all of the cars hazard lights were on. This in itself wouldn’t be strange, as most drivers would turn on the hazard lights when stopping suddenly, but Lewis’ own hazard lights were on and he doesn’t remember turning them on. 

The next day Lewis woke up with a horrible headache and a new bruise had appeared on his leg, which he doesn’t remember any instance that could account for this. 

Lewis says he had never really thought about UFOs but having seen this it has made him realise how much more could be out there. 

Sighting analysis 

Last updated 25/5/21 

Lewis described some amazing things and I can only imagine how shocked he was seeing this in front of him. In my opinion, what he described rules out things like balloons, Chinese lanterns, drones and other logical things that are often mistaken for UFOs. As this is a fairly new case I will be continuing to investigate, including checking flight paths etc and hopefully some of the other witnesses will come forward to corroborate Lewis’ story. I will keep Lewis up to date with any new information on the case and will update this report.