June 25, 2024

Aberystwyth, Wales, UK ‘Foo Fighter’

Aberystwyth, Wales, UK, 27/7/22

U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G case report
Author: Ren (Ruby) Hil
Sighting time and date: 1:20 am 27/7/22
Location: Aberystwyth, Wales
Witness name/s: Chris James

Immediately after taking these photos, Chris James (an admin of the U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G Facebook group) contacted the team asking for our opinions on what he had captured on camera. Perplexed by what we saw, I asked if I could investigate and write up my findings, to which Chris agreed. Here is my analysis:

Witness Statement: “Where I live is very quiet at night when the students and tourists are not here. I went to look outside and it was so calm and still, I decided I was going to take a video of the outside at night, I got my phone put it on camera and placed the phone against the glass so the phone wouldn’t move, I thought I could slow down the aperture and have loads more light come through, have the light from the street lights look like bright stars. I was wondering if I could do it in video mode and thought I had set it to that, but when I pressed the button on the side it took photos instead, I was looking out of the window as the photos were taken, and there was no traffic about, all was quiet. After taking the photo, I realised I had set the phone wrong, so quickly looked at the photos just to see what they were like before setting the phone to video, that’s when I noticed the light in the street, and as I went through the photos I could see the light moved up the street. As I said, there was no traffic about, but if there was I would have seen it and heard it. There was nothing on the road at that time of night. I have had a few people look at these images and I still can’t find out what they are.”

Sighting Analysis:

Last Updated 16/10/22

One of the first things I noticed was that the van is clearly lit up by this object as well as a noticeable reflection onto the straight edges of the pavement on both sides. This is also shown in the pictures further down, in the left-side window reflection. The team itself has managed to nearly essentially recreate the white light using photo apps and in most usual circumstances this would be put down to an individual trying to pull a fast one, however, with the witness in question being a valuable member of the U.P.R.I.S.I.N.G team we do feel there would be no reason to bring a hoax to us and knowing the individual in question we trust this not to be the case.

We have done extensive investigations into the different light sources on the road and hidden light sources and do not believe this to be light reflecting on a bug or similar. We also believed this could have been an effect on the camera caused by Chris using longer than usual exposure time, but as he was able to share the photos with us immediately, we were able to ask Chris to try and recreate the photos in the exact same conditions, and none of them had this same object or anything similar in them. We believe this is an object on this road, at this time, and by complete fluke, the witness has managed to capture it.

After comparing with several orb and tic tac pictures and videos, and reading statements from other witnesses I do believe the object Chris has captured is something similar to a foo fighter. ‘Foo Fighter’ was a term used during WW2, the term was used to identify large balls of light moving at very high speeds whilst managing impossible maneuvers. The term originally came from a combination of the word FUBAR (if you know you know) due to the natural fear of the unknown, especially during a war, and fu for fire (the brightness).

These sightings were common and many witnesses have given statements, many publicized now. The objects themselves were said to be several feet in diameter, as bright as a sun, fast and not completely solid. Any attempts to shoot down were in vain.

There have been continuous reports by pilots since the war ended, the most recent was in 2021, Pakistan International Airlines pilots reported having witnessed “a large round object had a metal ring around it and was emitting white light from the center”. In addition to air traffic reports, there have been several genuine-looking videos and pictures containing very similar images, these being classed as large orbs or balls of light yet having a similarity to the foo fighters seen during the war. We shall add any additional information as we get it. As it stands this sighting shall remain unexplained.