December 11, 2023

Paraverse Live!


Nath Lockley
Stu Lander


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Paraverse: illuminate me episode 11 – Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh na-na Paraverse – Live show and podcast series

Prepare for another mind-bending journey as the hosts of "Illuminate Me" tackle a new set of tantalizing conspiracy theories in this episode. Tasha, Stacey, Luna, and Nath bring their wit and insight to unravel the mysteries surrounding the end of the world, the Kardashian curse, the Illuminati's initiation rituals, and the perplexing Havana Syndrome. Tasha takes centre stage as she delves into the apocalyptic prophecy that the world was supposed to end on 23rd September, and the theories behind it. Looking at the films that mentioned the date and where the rumours started, Tasha tries to find any truth behind the claims. (Spoiker alert, it didn't happen)  Next, Stacey shifts the spotlight onto the Kardashian curse, exploring the alleged misfortunes that befall those connected to this iconic family. From failed relationships to career setbacks, Stacey examines the web of rumours and speculations surrounding this modern-day curse. Then Luna takes listeners on a captivating journey through the secret world of the Illuminati, uncovering the bizarre initiation rituals that conspiracy theorists claim celebrities must endure. She also delves into the sensational tale of Taylor Swift's alleged involvement in the elusive cult, separating fact from fiction. Lastly, Nath explores the perplexing phenomenon known as Havana Syndrome, a series of unexplained health incidents that have affected diplomats and government officials. From alleged sonic attacks to conspiracy theories involving espionage, Nath navigates the complex web of information surrounding this mysterious syndrome. All of this followed, as always, by some amazing facts.  Join the Paravese Crew for an episode that promises to entertain, intrigue, and challenge your perceptions. Tasha, Stacey, Luna, and Nath guide listeners through a landscape of uncertainty, questioning the narratives that shape our understanding of these intriguing conspiracy theories. Get ready for revelations and revolutions as the hosts shed light on the secrets that captivate the imaginations of conspiracy enthusiasts around the globe.
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