August 16, 2022

Paraverse Live! _


Nath Lockley
Gaz Brown


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We have our first official sponsor! Visage Paranormal! For regular listeners of the show, you will have heard us mention this awesome paranormal investigation team a few times before. Well, we can now officially announce them as our official sponsor. Visage Paranormal offers ghost hunting events around Yorkshire and the Midlands with the possibility of going further afield in the future. When you attend one of their events you will come as strangers and leave as friends. You will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to do, they can always accommodate anyone. You will have the chance to use some of the latest gadgets during the night or go old school and use your own senses. They welcome anyone over the age of 18 whether you are a sceptic or a believer. No Gimmicks, no fakery, no BS! And as our sponsors, they are also offering our listeners an exclusive 10% discount. Just use code ‘paraverse’ at the checkout. Visit their website at and get yourself on one of their upcoming hunts. Perhaps you’ll even see us there too!

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